Resources for Writers

Learn more about how to launch and grow your publication, from us and other Substack writers.

Writer programs & events

Check out our writer programs that we offer to support your work:

Looking to meet other writers? Check out our Events page for online events.

Getting started

New to Substack? Learn how to set up your Substack, publish a post, and get your first email subscribers.

Video tutorials

  • How to create a publication (video)

  • How to publish a post (video)

  • How to create podcasts and audio (video)

  • How to create a discussion thread (video)


Got questions about how to use Substack? Check out our Help Center.


Going paid

If you’re writing and growing your free email list and are ready to take the next step, check out our guide and stories from other writers about going paid.



Starting an LLC? You can use Stripe Atlas to easily set one up – they’ll take care of your legal paperwork. Substack writers can use this link to get a discount.

Growing your community

As your email list grows, you might start to wonder who your subscribers are and how you can get to know them. Learn how other writers build communities around their newsletters.



Audio & Podcasting

Did you know you can use Substack to send audio posts, not just written ones? Start a podcast, read your posts out loud, or record your off-the-cuff thoughts with our ideas below.



Everything else you wanted to know about Substack but were afraid to ask.